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Original design dining tables features Australian Timbers  Back

Original jigsaw design dining table features stunning Australian Silky Oak

Australian silky oak dining table 

I personally reclaimed the timber for this dining table from the Bonville Caravan Park NSW AUSTRALIA. $3000

Sculptured Australian Hardwood   8 seat Tallowwood Dining Table 70

Handmade solid natural wood furniture

Goanna sculpted into dining table 1800x1100 oval, 730high 85kg - no joints $2000


Sculpted dining tables. Original designs featuring Australian timber

The reclaimed wood for these fabulous creations are garnered from the urban forest vicinity of Emerald Beach, NSW AUSTRALIA.

Sculpting dining tables requires prolonged patience for the roughed out "green" timber to season. More Info

Design furniture is individually imagined from each of these reclaimed natural organic treasures. 

I scan my mojo to best express their natural features, then follow the exciting feeling to reach this stunning result

Camphor Laurel Dining Table 67 comes with Glass Top

Dining Table Australian Timber

Recycled camphor laurel Emerald Beach Studio

No need to imagine, the structure of large tree forks present amazing natural wood features.  Grain becomes more appealing as the surface area of these dining tables striate when expressing the natural forces that continue inside the wood.  The natural phenomenon of the slight sculptural relief is stunning and desirable. Cartoon Styling at the very best $6000

 As I cannot always get large suitable tree forks, sawn timber fills the void as fresh ideas are born to use these organic treasures.

Camphor Laurel  Dining Table "Jigsaw" design.

Camphor Laurel Dining Table Jigsaw Design

This comfortable dining table features slabs of Camphor Laurel designed to fit like a real Jigsaw puzzle.

The base and top can ingeniously separate for doorway or elevator access. $2000

Hardwood Dining Table   Sculptured Red Gum 57

Sculptured furniture design Emerald Beach Studio

Australian red gum dining table with no joints and perfect leg room for 6 people.

Featuring "housed in" Stainless Steel braided wire but still captures the old handmade sculptured charm.

Bevelled 12mm tempered glass top    1800 x 1100 x 710high $2000

Mango 56

Sculpted Mango Dining Table Emerald Beach
Sculpted mango dining table Emerald Beach

Handmade sculptures designed into dining table

(Glass top not shown, then shown)

1800x1100 oval table, 730high 85kg - no joints $2000