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Sculptables Emerald Beach Studio - Wood Tables and Sculptures

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Most have no Joints Difficulties are done happily

Natural Camphor Laurel Coffee Table 42 $4500 I do it because I can.

Natural Camphor Wood Designed Furniture

This natural wood furniture design is handmade and highlights fantastic fiddle back grain

1800x1300x520high coffee table 75kg

Jacaranda coffee table 80 $4000 If everyone can do it, It's too easy

Coffee table from Jacaranda
Beautiful light and finely handcrafted. The top wavy grain let the sculpting tool give the scalloped  effect on both sides of this table

Sculptured Mortonbay Fig Coffee Table  24 $4000 If it's hard, I do it.

Solid natural fantastic furniture

Unique sculptured, fully natural wood furniture, handcrafted coffee table, with glass inserted.     

Bespoke Design 1400 x1200 x480high coffee table 90kg

Bluegum Australian Hardwood Coffee Table  53 $2500 Have a go if you can.

Australian hardwood sculpted coffee table


This natural wood table captures frogs hanging out in Coldwater creek. Sculptables finishes are durable.
1650x650x510 high coffee table. 80kg. Kids love sculptured wood furniture


Sculptured Camphor Laurel 74 $5000 I do what most can't

Camphor Laurel natural wood freedom sculpted furniture

Camphor Laurel. Can you believe it is handmade from one piece of log?
1700 x 800 x 550high 100kg- Big coffee table - no joints

Sculptured Camphor Laurel 19 $2500 If it's hard to do, I do it.

Fantastic Camphor Laurel natural wood coffee table

Camphor Laurel is a highly prized magnificently figured and multi-coloured timber.

1500x850x470high coffee table 45kg - no joints

Fully sculpted  Red Cedar mirror hall stand 61 $5000 If it's easy, I don't want to do it

Fantastic sculpted Red Cedar natural wood hall stand

Cedar stump hallstand/vanity mirror. Water earth fire reflection theme. (Read story)

Utility areas for shoes, bags, keys, umbrella mobiles, jewellery and personal sculpture plinths.

Fully sculpted Grey Gum mirror hallstand 69 $3000 If it's easy, you do it.

Mirror Hall Stand

Mirror Hall Stand

Exquisite piece sculpted from a magnificent Grey Gum features an exotic Banksia shelf

Ironbark Coffee Table with magazine shelf 63 $1500 If I can't do it, I will later.

Ironbark coffee table with shelf

1300 x 510 x 500high - no joints

Champion Award "Volcano" 66   If everyone can do it, I don't want too

Champion Oz design freedom furniture

Stephen Maclean furniture design award winning sculpted table - no joints

Peoples Choice Award at "Sculpture in the Gaol" 67 $Au 6000 I hope there is more to discover

Graceful flowing lines and handcrafted from indestructible Australian hardwood timber capable of centuries of use.