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Handmade Native Stingless Bee Hives from Emerald Beach Studio 66561446 email me  Home  Gallery

Free Native bee rescue service is available for areas 50 km from Emerald Beach NSW

For pollination, curiosity, pollen, wax and honey, these are ideal for home gardeners

Do you know of bees that need a new home? Native bee rescue is available close to Emerald Beach 66561446

To buy native bee hives, please read the following-

Deposit agreement to place a breeding stock of native bees on your property, and purchase the split colony when mature

Between Stephen Maclean of 29 Emerald Heights Drive Emerald Beach NSW 66561446 and

Property owner-


You get one of my active breeding stock of stingless native bees on your property quickly.

The breeding stock always remain mine, must not be moved and be easy to access by me.

The deposit of $500 gets you a breeding stock hive fixed to an empty hive box all joined together on a support.

I survey the site with you, and when we both agree on a suitable position I set the hives in place.

Pollination, biodiversity, growing bee colonies, and interesting nature study becomes your reward.

Native bee honey called sugarbag, at kg per annum is not worth robbing single hives in NSW.

In due season when the empty box contains a mature colony I remove my breeding stock to another clients site and leave the mature colony for you.

The deposit then becomes the purchase price.

Then you will have proof of the system, and be encouraged to have me fit other empty boxes on your mature hive as the years go by.

I will provide all the boxes and share one for me one for you, at no further expense to you
My aims are to expand the forage area for my bees
Encourage native bees as pets, curiosities and pollinators between Grafton to Grassy Head.
Establish a future native sugarbag hobby activity as extracting from many hives then proves viable.
Received Deposit of $500
Signed by Stephen Maclean
Signed by-