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Red Cedar Hallway Stand - The story.

A local tree lopper delivered to my yard a large Cedar stump and suggested I might be able to do something with it, but if not it would be dumped.

The project proved challenging and I accepted the obscure looking stump as I envisaged enough potential through a lot of entwined roots and dirt.

Hallway stands have been a desired project as sketches and ideas were at the ready while awaiting the suitable material to present itself. Here was the moment.

My specifications were: Sculpted throughout, standard height shelf, various heights for secondary shelves, mirror supports, legs for excellent balance, strong, not heavy, preserving under bark surfaces, user friendly and functional, no trip hazards, mirror to be useable by various height people, discreet utility places for shoes, bags, umbrellas, keys, mobiles, jewellery etc, plinth areas for other sculptures.

Cedar root design stage for mirror hall stand

With a big square, string lines, spray can and my crane I got to work designing the big Cedar stump into a mirror hall stand

It was my delight to find that two roots joined each other at an appropriate place to enable the mirror to be mounted at a nice angle.

Mistakes were inevitable, but a selected branch covered a weakness solving a strength issue while providing nice contrast and a key hook.

Another imperfection was corrected by adding an ornate branch journal that further framed a tigers eye stone thus allowing for a jewellery well

An appropriate root position permitted the sculpting of a flower, leaves and stem. Then I added to my specifications-

Portrayal of water at the base, landscape at table height, reflection of people in the centre, and fire above represents the four elements of this functional sculpted furnishing.

The thought of flames extending to shadows on the ceiling, mirror reflections, and soft night illumination of the piece encouraged me to fit a hidden low wattage night light.

I thanked my tree lopping friend for his thoughtfulness in saving this medium to be a testimony to the Red Cedar trees of the North Coast of NSW, and I am happy that my expectations for this Red Cedar stump has been fulfilled and am awaiting my next engagement with nature. (back)