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Sculpture in metal, wood, stone. Bespoke Designs.   Back

Wall hung and free standing

Pelican. Stainless steel sculpture at Emerald Beach Studio

Stainless steel and brass Pelican temporarily placed inside the roundabout at Coffs Harbour Marina. $5000

El Bulli at Emerald Beach Studio

 Sculpture "EL BULLI"

Weighs in at 5kg mounted on a Blue Gum block finished in a clear rust resistant coat. $ 2600

Method is a build up around 4 threaded bars through the Blue Gum plinth and extending up each leg and welded to the body. Steel is further welded in place for muscle tone tail eyes horns etc. Removing four housed nuts can release El Bulli from the Blue Gum plinth.

 First Prize and Peoples Choice Award at Sculpture in the Bay 2012

Now acquired for public display at Nelson Bay foreshore


Sculpture  "LYRE BIRD" Dimensions.  800high x 2000 across the tail feathers x 1100mm front to back.  Weight 35kg

Stainless steel construction and brass lyre tail, with copper scratching mound. Perfect outdoor sculpture.

Method is a build-up from the armature and mound combination.

Designed to easily bolt down, or copper scratching mound to be concrete filled for variable site positioning.

Stainless steel threaded bar 16mm is the internal armature that extends from the wings, down through the legs, protrudes through the copper base and continues to the base bottom. Nut removal under the copper allows for various fitting options without interfering with aesthetics. Has a steel base for portable exhibition   Sold

Frill Necked Lizard  Dimensions.  1050high x 2000 along body length x 800mm wide frill.  Weight 30kg Head frill and arms turn when legs and lower body remain stationary

Frill necked lizard Cartoon style Figaro the opera singer

Heart Wood Sculpture Emerald Beach Studio

Sculpture  "WOUNDED" First in a series of three hearts showing the initial  pitiable condition of infatuation and other trusts. Crawling through life carrying an arrow in the back and dragging yourself along is miserable, and most find a release from this grip to be allusive, but hope is at hand!

Progress to freedom, get your mojo back reminder sculpture

Stephen is shown visiting where Wounded is on exhibition to compare the progressive changes. Yearning to fly again is the goal, now the arrow has dissolved and the wound has healed enough to courageously regrow wings and fly again.   Yearning  is now completed as shown below.

Yearning starts to get your mojo back. Emerald Beach studio


A third sculpture Hope will portray a forward leap with wings flapping for takeoff.

Work in progress. Stainless steel wing sculpture 620 x 250 x 30mm along the leading edge is envisaged to be the wings of Hope.

Wing of Hope Trade yearning for Hope keep learning to cope

All three hearts together reminds us of lifes cycles. Choose

Completed work $25,000 

Song Version

Reclaim Hope

Like our moon reflects its glory, we recognize the story

 That our inner self pokes while our mirrored self evokes

At aspirations to achieve, we must believe

Our wounded heart has learnt some things

As yearning strives to fledge new wings


Trade yearning for hope, keep learning to cope

With new wings to test, fly your best

When yearning is less, with hope to caress

 Cast the burden of wounded to rest

Stephen Maclean 2015


The Repurpose of Stuff

He will certainly bend a con-rod to his judgement

and set bent bits straight respecting many components.

He will have to beat their forms into home wares

and their gears into sculptor's cheers

creations will yield to new creations,

and neither will they be declared worn anymore

Stephen Maclean 2016


Poetry and song-writing is copyright