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Tigers Eye Picture Stones


Wall Sculpture  Marra Mamba Tiger Eye Picture Stone  with Elm Wood Sculpted Arm

The man size arm relates the size of this 12mm thick gemstone $3750

Tiger eye stone is designed to be easily removed by releasing a hidden timber wedge.

When wedge and picture stone are removed, the holes for mounting to the wall are accessible.

After viewing stone in sunlight, and being gob-smacked, the picture stone is easily and securely replaced into the sculpted arm by using the long timber wedge.

Exceptional Picture Stone at Emerald Beach Studio

Great example of tigers eye and sculpture together highlighting the full density of the stones periphery and natural "as is" edges.

Viewing angles of these stones blow the imagination

This sculpture's design allows the stone to be easily removed by releasing a long wedge. The stone can then be carried into natural light, where the worthwhile advantage is realised. When easily replaced in the arm sculpture by the wedge the stone is 6cm from the wall surface. This distance allows plenty of material behind the stone to be the means to fasten the sculpture to the wall and to serve as the other face for the wedge. This design is sufficient to carry the weight, and present the whole sculpture adequately.  Stone size is 700 x 250 x 12mm average. An honeycombed aluminium backing plate is resined to the stone for the obvious reason of useability. The arm is sculpted from Elm and is the real life arm size of the sculptor. One solid piece of Elm is sculpted to serve both the arm and the means to mount to the wall, and the wedge is made from red gum. Excitement to present this piece resulted in the arm not having been clear finished at the time of photography. The finished result is available upon request, along with an exploded view of all components. Now on exhibit at Sculptables Studio Emerald Beach.

Eagle flying away with Tigers Eye stone. $7000

Picture Stone Wall Sculpture Marra Mamba Tigers Eye

The concept of presenting this magnificent stone is based on average eye height for presentation.

The camera flash (by accident) picks up the black iron magnetite that is through the stone, and the detail in the feathers.

A further basis for this concept was that of showing the stones thickness, and the natural edges of the raw boulder.

Realism in presentation came about by my appreciation of the power, grip potential of talons, and size of real eagles to be able to accomplish this "back to the nest" decoration feat.

I have deliberately left the block wall and power point in this image to show the real scope of the two meter wing span. Weight of this wall sculpture stone combination is about 30kg. A considerable effort was undertaken to ensure that wall fitting was not a problem, and this resulted in a 1 meter long half dovetail hook from blackbutt hard wood, that is easily screwed to a substantial wall section. The sculpture is lifted by two people into the half dovetail by allowing the opposing half dovetail already fitted to the back of the sculpture to hook together. This dovetail hook arrangement allows the sculpture to be squarely hung, and then slid to allow up to 200mm of horizontal movement for accurate final positioning  A special piece to decorate any nest. $7000

Turtle Ibis

Fabulous Tiger Iron with Hoop Pine sculpted border.  This Collective feature is perfectly balanced on a large central hidden bolt allowing the wall sculpture to rotate through 360degrees.

The stone is secured to the sculpture and will not slip when rotated, allowing the clients lighting to capture whatever angle is suitable for personal choice. The stone is deliberately extended to show the boulder edge.   I like it the way it is! $3750

Close up of this stone is stunning

Close-up in good light

This Tigers Eye Picture Stone is 900 x 150 x 16mm thick average. $3750

The recycled 3/8 riggers chain is welded to a hidden stainless steel backing plate to form a cradle for the stone. The stone can be freed by releasing a double hooked wire that prevents the stone from slipping free when loading the sculpture onto the support bolt.  Weight of this wall sculpture is 25kg and therefore the wall needs to be capable to endure this weight using the 13mm bolt/washer  provided.


Picture Stone Marra Mamba Tigers Eye Wall Sculpture

The basis for this concept was that of showing the stones thickness, and the natural edges of the raw boulder.

Picture stone and sculpture combination gives this natural occurring art the three dimensional presentation so deserving of this magnificent rare stone.

 Tiger Iron wall brooch. $1200


Tiger iron wall brooch

Tiger iron wall brooch about 500 x 200 $1200

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